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Pandigital: Color and ePaper Tablets

Pandigital has added a new line of multimedia color ebook reader to their existing Novel line. This new color e-book reader is known as the PRD07T20WBL1, which come with 7-inch colorful touchscreen display supports 800 x 600.

Pandigital Novel PRD07T20WBL1 7-inch Colorful e-Book Reader is powered by ARM 11 Processor, and it’s running Android OS. It has built-in 2GB of internal memory, but you can expand it anytime using SD/SDHC memory card up to 32GB. Other than ebook reading, you can use Pandigital Novel PRD07T20WBL1 7-inch Colorful e-Book Reader for web surfing, viewing photo albums and play MPEG-4 movies.

You can say that Pandigital PRD07T20WBL1 7-inch Colorful e-Book Reader is also a PMP since it can play movies and music (MP3, AAC, WAV). To hook up with the Internet, Pandigital PRD07T20WBL1 color e-book reader has been equipped with WiFi connection. And for sync-up with PC, it has a mini USB Port at the sideways of the ebook reader.

Pandigital Novel PRD07T20WBL1 ebook reader can run quite long (up to six hours) using the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but it’s still no match for Kindle’s battery that could last for a week.

The ebook reader is also getting an orientation sensor, where you can read your book or watch movie in both landscape and portrait mode. Pandigital Novel PRD07T20WBL1 can also browse millions of e-books at Barnes & Noble thanks to the integrated eBookStore application.

Pandigital PRD07T20WBL1 will starting shipping on next month for $199.99.





Just launched, the new 6-inch Pandigital Novel ebook reader is now coming with a touchscreen friendly ePaper display. It’s a Sipex/AUO epaper type, support 800 x 600 display, and any ebook’s text would be clearly visible.


There are two models introduced with the ePaper touchscreen display inclusion, the Pandigital Novel PRD06E10WWH7 and Pandigital Novel PRD06E20WWH8. Both has the difference in their memory size, which is 1GB (PRD06E10WWH7) and 2GB (Pandigital PRD06E20WWH8).

As for the other specs, both models are the same. WiFi, built-in browser, ePub and PDF document support, memory card slot, headphone jack, USB port and built-in speakers.

It also has a function to adjust the font size, can highlight text, search words or character, has a built-in dictionary, picture viewer, can create multiple bookmarks and this Pandigital Novel eReader can live up to 6,000 page turns using it’s built-in rechargeable battery. That’s a lot.


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The company is ScrollMotion, and while you may have never heard of it, you’ve surely heard of some of its biggest clients. Hearst, Random House, Houghton Mifflin, Simon and Schuster, and The Jim Henson Company are just some of the big name clients that use ScrollMotion to create digital, interactive content experiences for the iPhone(), iPad and beyond.

ScrollMotion recently partnered with Griffin Technology to create the Woogie, a huggable iPhone case with a built-in speaker that can be used for playing back videos or reading books aloud.

Full Article:  The Reinvention of Print, One App at a Time

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BlackBerry PlayBook – Video

Preview of the new professional-grade BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet and BlackBerry® Tablet OS.

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Gamma Dynamics New ePaper

By Casey Johnston

A new type of electronic paper display has leaped several bounds ahead of its e-ink brethren. In a paper published in Applied Physics Letters, the company Gamma Dynamics describes a new type of “e-paper” that can update the display at a video-level refresh rate and sustain a significantly brighter image than most e-ink displays—all without using any power.

E-ink displays have been commonplace in e-readers, like the Kindle, for a few years now. They have some drawbacks—a painfully slow refresh rate, for instance—that some manufacturers are looking to solve.

Gamma Dynamics has created a new setup that displays static images without using power, just like e-ink. Their “e-paper” screen design sandwiches a network of flat electrodes between a layer of oil on top and pigment underneath.

Under an applied voltage, the pigment will flow up to the top surface, and the oil below, creating a pigmented area where there wasn’t one before. Likewise, a different voltage will send the oil flowing to the top and make the pigment recede, turning it blank again.

The electrodes in the screen are reflective, so the areas not obscured by pigment are bright, almost like an LCD. The e-paper screen can reflect up to 75 percent of ambient light (e-ink reflects 40 percent, and electrowetting displays up to 30). This way, the brightness is automatically cranked up in brighter areas without using any power other than what is needed for refreshing the image.

The e-paper is able to refresh its whole image at a rate of 20 milliseconds, or 50Hz. Their current design only works well in grayscale, but the company has had limited success experimenting with color inks using the same setup.

Applied Physics Letters, 2010. DOI:10.1063/1.3494552  (About DOIs).

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Ballmer: Windows Tablets by Christmas

While Apple’s iPad runs away with the tablet market, Windows slates are still preparing for battle, with the first wave to appear by Christmas, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said.

7 new Windows 7 tablets

“You’ll see new slates with Windows on them. You’ll see them this Christmas,” Ballmer said at the London School of Economics, Reuters reports. “Certainly we have done work around the tablet as both a productivity device and a consumption device.”

Tablet watchers could get a taste of what’s to come at a Microsoft event next week, on October 11. Although Microsoft intends to focus on Windows Phone 7, unnamed sources tell Neowin that Microsoft will speak briefly about its tablet plans.

ViewSonic ViewPad

Exopc Slate

HP Slate

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