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Oxford Dictionary on Deathwatch

According to a recent post by MediaPost the Oxford dictionary maybe on it’s deathbed.

“In what ABC’s Nightline would call “A sign of the times,” the Oxford English Dictionary could be heading for extinction. Yes, as The Washington Post reports, the obvious culprit is the Web, which Oxford University Press now says has made the future of the printed dictionary “uncertain.” The digital version of the Oxford English Dictionary now gets 2 million hits a month from subscribers, who pay $295 a year for the service in the U.S., according to WaPo. By contrast, the current printed edition — a 20-volume, 750-pound ($1,165) set published in 1989 — has sold just 30,000 sets. “The print dictionary market is just disappearing. It is falling away by tens of percent a year,” Nigel Portwood, chief executive of Oxford University Press, told The Sunday Times in an interview.”

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LG Announces 19″ ePaper Device

LG’s newborn steps in the creation of newborn ePaper – and it is exclusive the production of his fag – an process of 9.7-inch colouration pass and a 19-inch pliant announced.

Epaper is utilised in most eBook readers and in the forthcoming could ingest whatever tablets, and as the LG to the screens for the Kindle and IPAD to produce, would be a beatific communication of what every of us in the nearby future, urge. to

First, a 9.7 progress display, the colouration hold – a denseness in the ePaper. It seems same our next-generation eBook reverend could eventually provide us a flooded spectrum of colors.

Subsequently, a 19-inch pliant e-paper, the activity of a super-slim 0.3 mm and consideration 130 grams, making it pliant ePaper yet. Can we wait the roll-up eNewspapers eReaders or in the future?

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Samsung Galaxy S Site

Samsung launched a site promoting their upcoming tablet device Galaxy S.

Samsung GALAXY Tab will be revealed in Berlin , Germany, September 2nd, 2010 Learn more :

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Literati Color eReader

 The Literati, shown here, is an e-reader with a full color display. MechSource, the creators of this e-reader, are hoping to get a jump on the color e-reader market with this device. It does not have a touchscreen, it does not allow you to browse the web, and it does not run any applications. It’s simply a $159 color e-reader. It uses the Kobo platform, and will come bundled with 25 public domain works for your reading pleasure.

Via CrunchGear

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Samsung Galaxy-S vs OLED-TV vs iPhone

In this video we show a comparison between the 15 inch OLED-Television from LG-Electronics and a Galaxy-S from Samsung with Super-Amoled and a Iphone 3GS. MOre about OLED at

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Samsung Out of e-Paper Business

According to a post on Crunch Gear’s gadget blog Samsung is getting out of the e-Paper business do to the cost of the displays.

Full post:

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The bridge between publishers and their digital publishing dreams. This unique product, service and support is offered because we are passionate about pushing the limits of tablet media publishing to create better content experiences, now and in the future

App Feature:

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Qualcomm to Spend $2 Billion on E-ink-Busting Mirasol Display Plant

According to a recent announcement Qualcomm is about to invest some $2 billion in small change in a new plant for Mirasol displays–the half-LCD/half-e-ink screen tech that can play video in sunlight.

Mirasol –

Demo –

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Samsung Galaxy Pad

Samsung decide to name their tablet Galaxy Pad or maybe GalaxyPad.

This name is fixed for the korean market, maybe the name could change for the USA and european market.
Our source informed us also that Samsung plans to introduce a 7 inch and a 10 inch tablet. Samsung showcase the 7 inch Galaxy-Pad for the first time at the IFA-2010 event in Berlin.

Also a real surprise is that the 7 inch version might be at the price range of Galaxy S smartphone.

This are the good news now the bad news for our Super-Amoled fans.

Galaxy Pad will feature Android OS 2.2, 1GHz CPU, TFT LCD panel, 5MP camera, Wi-fi, 16GB internal memory expandable upto 32GB.

Samsung introduce the Galaxy Pad with the provider SK Telecom in September.

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Google OLED Tablet

Google and Verizon are planning a Tablet with Google Chrome? The guys from Download Squad become some info from HTC that this tablet comes with Chrome OS and a Multitouch Display with 1280×720 Pixel. No Info about the display technology. Amoled, Super-Amoled or LCD-TFT. We think its LCD-TFt because Samsung Mobile Display with 98% OLED Display market share can not deliver enough Oled panels to Htc.
Another technical details are :2GB of RAM, at least 32GB of storage with the possibility of expansion, GPS, a webcam, and the usual wireless connectivity, including a 3G radio.

Download Squad are told by a reliable tipster that HTC is building a Tegra 2-based Chrome OS tablet for Google with a 1280 x 720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, at least 32GB of storage with the possibility of expansion, GPS, a webcam, and the usual wireless connectivity, including a 3G radio. Launch is pegged for Black Friday on November 26, and apparently the plan is to offer the device for extremely cheap or free on subsidy, which makes sense

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