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TV trends to expect at CES 2017

Plenty of hype and pretty pictures, and a few cool surprises I’ve been going to CES since the days when press kits were made of actual paper (and you needed a Toshiba rolly bag to carry them all home). Over the years there’s one trend that’s becoming more and more apparent: Don’t expect many real details at the show. Prices? Availability? Yeah, right. Models beyond flagships and concept displays? Good luck. Information that’s not subject to change when the TV actually hits the market? HA! Heck, last year Samsung only showed one model of TV at CES, saving the real meat for mid-April. LG OLED TV rolls up like a piece of paper The mind-blowing 18-inch concept display rolls up a piece of the TV future. by David Katzmaier 1:12 Close LG OLED TV rolls up like a piece of paper

Source: 7 TV trends to expect at CES 2017


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OLED TV Arrives – IEEE Spectrum

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New displays will be big, bright, fast, and thin—but not cheap


For the past decade, two television display technologies—liquid crystal and plasma—have fought for supremacy, and although the LCD won the battle, it is about to lose the war. A third contender’s star is rising: the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED.

The thin, bright, beautiful, low-power OLED has been shining from the occasional cellphone or digital camera for several years now, but manufacturing problems kept its cost too high and its effective lifetime too short for consideration in big-screen TV.

This year, however, at least four major manufacturers think the time is right to sell 55-inch sets to consumers with cash to spare and an urge to own the latest and greatest gizmo. In a few years, OLED will reign supreme—at least until the next big technology comes along

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Samsung Flexible OLED Display Phones Reportedly in Mass Production, Pegged for 2013 Release

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Samsung brings the perfect solution to butter-fingered users with its whole new range of flexible phones and tablets which are expected to hit the market early next year.
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Samsung sues LG Display over OLED patents

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In the legal battle between the two display makers, Samsung claims that some of the OLED patents held by LG are invalid. Read this article by Lance Whitney on CNET News.

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Samsung Increases Display Resolution to 350ppi

Samsung Display succeeded in boosting the screen resolution of AM OLED by means of fine metal mask (FMM) technology.

In doing so, the display panel manufacturer veered from laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI), an alternative technology it had focused its R&D efforts on. Experts are paying attention to whether the new technique will be able to fully resolve AM OLED’s resolution problem, its weakest point compared with the Retina Display of the iPhone.

According to industry sources, Samsung Display raised RGB stripe AM OLED’s resolution up to 350ppi in a lab test by using FMM technology. The figure is higher than that of iPhone4 at 326ppi.

FMM technology is used to deposit pixels on a substrate. A metal mask with small grooves is placed on the substrate and then sprayed with an organic substance.


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Samsung flexible AMOLED displays “Youm” can achieve over 300 ppi

Samsung flexible AMOLED displays “Youm” can achieve over 300 ppi

Samsung flexible AMOLED displays “Youm” can achieve over 300 ppi.

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Gorilla Glass 2 Coming to CES 2012

Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass announced its latest iteration, Gorilla Glass two. Gorilla Glass protects against scratches and the floor, which it seems most smartphones are magically attracted to. There is no word on what Gorilla Glass two will deliver, but senior VP of Corning, James R. Steiner promises significant improvements.

The Corning Booth at CES will sport an “82-inch advanced multi-touch LCD display prototype” made of Gorilla Glass 2. Expect nothing short of a sledgehammer blow to demonstrate the power of Gorilla Glass 2, possibly.

There is some speculation that the iPad 3 will sport Gorilla Glass 2. The rumour came about due to a possible early launch of the iPad 3 which will now ensure that there is enough time for Apple to integrate Gorilla Glass 2 into the new iDevice.

Corning Gorilla Glass:

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Dupont OLED Printing Process

In May 2010 Dupont announced that they reached the goal to print a 50 inch OLED-Tv in under two minutes. In October 2011 Duponts announced that the company has signed a technology licensing agreement for that technology with a leading Asian manufacturer of Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode display products. We think that it can be Samsung or LG-Display but at the moment it is not clear and not official. Duponts suggest that OLED is the next generation display technology which requires fewer components than LCDs and can utilize existing LCD infrastructure for as much as 30 percent overall cost savings.

Solution Process AMOLED Technology
How we can reach the goal to produce cheap OLED-Television device for the consumer market?
To reduce the manufacturing costs Dupont has developed a proprietary solution based printing technology that efficiently dispenses liquid OLED materials.

AMOLED television market is projected to grow to over $5 billion by 2017.

What about the lifetime?
Printed lifetimes are quoted at subpixel luminances that simulate 200-nit FOS white brightness. Even for blue, the most challenging color, lifetime exceeds 30,000 hours and should be sufficient for many display applications, including OLED TV.

Benefits of DuPont solution process:

  • Lower material and equipment cost
  • Scalable to larger glass size

Low cost manufacturing scheme attributes:

  • Use of inexpensive common layers
  • Increase throughput and yield by limiting the number
    of patterned layers
  • No fine shadowmasks

Balancing performance and cost:

  • Common layers optimized for overall performance of
    panel, not individual color

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SmartPhone and Tablet Device Resolutions

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OLED Globe

Stunning video from the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo.

In the video you see that the globe show constantly updated satellite images of the earth. There are also interactive “Geo-Scope” touch-screen panels which allow visitors to browse images and data collected from all over the world. The globe show also a simulation of the March 11 tsunami in Japan.

This new OLED version features a resolution about 10 times greater than LED, more than 10 million pixels each each measuring 96×96 millimeters.

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