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The laptop turns 35

April 3, 1981 marked the introduction of the Osborne 1, the first mass-produced laptop computer. Three-and-a-half decades later, laptops are now much more portable – but how do they compare to the deeper vision that sparked them, and what lays ahead? Gizmag talks with Dr. Alan Kay, the personal computing visionary who came up with the notion of a notebook computer, and Lee Felsenstein, designer of the first commercially available laptop, to get their views. The vision Dr. Alan Kay is a pioneer of personal computing and one of the most influential thinkers in the industry – some of his quotes include the Steve Jobs favorite, “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware,” and “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Source: The laptop turns 35


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Andriod Tablet Roundup

By Chris Talbot on 2011-01-12

The year 2011 has already been declared the Year of the Tablet, and Google’s Android platform is expected to make even bigger waves as it steps up to go head-to-head against Apple’s iPad, the device that put tablets into the mainstream consciousness. As an open source project, Android has the advantage of a large community backing its development and the support of mobile device manufacturers (from some of the biggest names in the business to entry-level players). Many Android-based tablets have already been released to the market, and many more are expected to hit this year. Additionally, Google is continuing development on the newest version of the Android platform, which will provide more support for tablet devices. Android 3.0, otherwise known as Honeycomb, will be optimized for tablet support and have a new user interface for tablet devices. Here’s a look at 10 Android devices – some already on the market and some that have slipped.

Google - Motorola Tablet

Archos 101

Dell Streak 7

Lenovo LePad

Motorola Xoom

MSI WindPad

Notion Ink Adam

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Toshiba Tablet

ViewSonic G Tablet

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Dell New 7″ Device: Bestbuy Stores November

Michael Dell just teased a new Android-based tablet, one that’s 7 inches diagonal and looks to be a long-rumored device known as “Looking Glass.” There aren’t a lot of details available on the specs of this thing, but one assumes it’ll have a multitouch display and guts that’ll let it compete head-to-head with the iPad.

Phopo Credit Reuters

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Dell Streak Released Aug.12

AT&T (NYSE: T) will launch Dell’s Android-powered Streak tablet on Aug. 12 that comes with a new application store from Dell that not only sells apps for the Streak but for other mobile phones as well.

The Streak tablet features a 5-inch screen, a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 5-megapixel camera, support for both 3G and WiFi, and 2 GB of internal memory. The tablet, however, will run on version 1.6 of the Android OS, but Dell said the platform will be upgraded to Android 2.2 later this year. In addition, the device will enable voice calling. The tablet will go on sale for $300 with a two-year contract and for $550 without an AT&T contract.

Dell’s apps are available at Apps will also be available via Android Market, Dell said on its website.

The Streak is just one of a slew of tablets and smartphones Dell is expected to introduce into the U.S. market. AT&T is expected to launch the Dell Aero, an Android-powered phone, but has not revealed any information on availability of that device; the Aero was first announced in March.

Late last year, Dell introduced the Dell Mini 3 that that launched with China Mobile and Brazilian carrier Claro.

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