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Samsung Windows 8 Slate PC


The S-Pen slots into the side of the Slate and offers 1,024 levels of sensitivity. Depending on the software designed to work with the S-Pen, it could be a killer differentiating feature compared to other Windows tablets. Samsung’s also installing MediaHub software to help out with entertainment and app access to Samsung’s content.

The Series 7 Slate weighs a little more, at 1.89 pounds, and it’s thicker: 0.5 inch. Its 11.6-inch screen has a higher 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution. The Series 7 Slate (XE700T1C-A01US) comes with an Intel Core i5-3317U processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB SSD, as well as Gigagbit Ethernet with an adapter and Bluetooth 4.0, matching the standards of many ultrabooks.


The Series 5 and 7 Slates look attractive, but not particularly different from previous Samsung Windows Slates, and have a bit of a different aesthetic than the generally sleeker, thinner Galaxy Tab Android tablets. The success of Samsung’s Slates will go as far as Windows 8 tablet functionality will take them. If these slates can demonstrate excellent battery life and easy-to-use Windows apps, then they could be compelling hybrids. The $749 Series 5 Slate feels like the more interestingly priced device; the Series 7 Slate, at $1,199, is pretty expensive for an 11-inch device, even with its specs. Both will be available at Windows 8 launch on October 26.


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