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Samsung Production of Flexible AMOLEDS

Samsung Mobile Display confirm that the company start the mass production of flexible AMOLEDs in 2012. The assistent of Samsung Mobile Display confirmed also that they introduce the 55 inch OLED-Televison which are showcased at CES-2012 in 2012.

SMD plans also the A3 production line for the second or third quarter 2012. This line is featured to produce flexible OLED Displays (A3 Flex-1 5.5G) The second flexible production line (A3 Flex-2 5.5G) is planed for second quarter 2013.


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Barnes and Noble Release 8Gb Color Nook

The new 8GB Nook tablet will be released first in the US at an unspecified price. Here’s hoping that it’s at least US$50 cheaper than the US$200 Kindle Fire, else it’s potentially destined for the bargain bins.

The Nook’s potential ace-in-the-hand is its SD card slot. The Fire is locked into 8GB of internal memory. The Nook has the potential for 32GB of storage with an SD card injection. Another win (or tie for both devices) is the custom Android OS. Both tablets are fairly locked down in terms of exploring the capabilities of the OS, but then again both can be rooted.


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The Cost of Knowledge – Timothy Gowers

Timothy Gowers recently published a post “Elsevier – my part in its downfall” on the unfair practices of Journal publisher Elsevier and started a website “The Cost of Knowledge” to protest.

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