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Tablet vs eReader

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This lens offers objective information that compares tablet computers (like the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy) with dedicated e- reader devices (like the Kindle or Nook).


This lens offers objective information that compares tablet computers (like the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy) with dedicated e-reader devices (like the Kindle or Nook). Each type of device has its own pros and cons, and the type of device that is better for you will depend on what you want from your personal electronics.

Below you will find an explanation of the basic (but important) differences between tables and ereaders, and then more detailed information about the most popular current devices. Mobile computing and reading is really an exiting new type of technology

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Barnes and Noble Release 8Gb Color Nook

The new 8GB Nook tablet will be released first in the US at an unspecified price. Here’s hoping that it’s at least US$50 cheaper than the US$200 Kindle Fire, else it’s potentially destined for the bargain bins.

The Nook’s potential ace-in-the-hand is its SD card slot. The Fire is locked into 8GB of internal memory. The Nook has the potential for 32GB of storage with an SD card injection. Another win (or tie for both devices) is the custom Android OS. Both tablets are fairly locked down in terms of exploring the capabilities of the OS, but then again both can be rooted.


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Major Publishers Using Many Apps

The tablet magazine opportunity is not all about iPad apps.

Although nearly half of U.S. magazine publishers have launched iPad apps, about the same proportion are also on the Nook device’s Newsstand and Zinio’s cross-platform newsstand.

That is according to The State Of The App, a report by McPheters & Company comprised from its iMonitor database of information about 4,000 news and magazine apps.

That makes Nook Newsstand and Zinio the second most popular platform for publishers after iOS (not including the web). And Nook added the most publishers between May and August.

Where does that leave Android apps? Still languishing. only 21 percent of U.S. magazine publishers are currently distributing through Android apps, according to McPheters.

However, it may be true to say that other platforms like Nook and Zinio are more likely to play host to replica page-turners than dedicated interactive app editions, as iPad editions are.

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Barnes & Noble – Nook Tablet

Launched at an event in New York, the Nook Tablet pits Barnes & Noble more directly against Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s forthcoming Kindle Fire, set to go on sale next week. Priced at $249, the Nook Tablet is $50 more than the 7-inch Kindle Fire, but still half the cost of the 10-inch iPad.

The Nook Tablet, which closely resembles the Nook Color, will hit stores around November 17, just days after the Kindle Fire. Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch focused particularly on the head-to-head competition with the Amazon device during his presentation. For example, he noted that the Nook Tablet’s 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage is twice that of the Fire, as well as providing a superior display via its VividView technology.

The device will come pre-loaded with Netflix and Hulu Plus, highlighting Barnes & Noble’s confidence in the Nook Tablet’s ability to stream (at 720p) and store movies and TV shows. For its part, Amazon has stressed cloud storage for the Kindle Fire.

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