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iGizmo iPad Magazine

The Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe has been expanding its global reach. Today, Dennis Publishing, creator of the UK-based publication iGIZMO, released a digital edition of the popular gadget magazine created using the Adobe tools. The iGIZMO app is currently available in the Apple App Store.

Dennis Publishing has always produced iGIZMO as a digital magazine for the desktop. Now, with this new format iGIZMO can reach its readers in new ways on the iPad. Although the publication takes advantage of all the bells-and-whistles we’ve seen in digital magazines to date (like video, 360 degree rotating objects and interactive slideshows), what’s different in the digital publishing workflow for this publication is the fast time-to-market. iGIZMO only used one designer to produce the iPad edition, including all the interactive elements — all without having to write a single line of code!

Editor Ross Burridge attributes this streamlined production workflow to the Adobe tools. “Using InDesign and associated tools makes the workflow much smoother, as fewer people need to be involved, while the structured creative possibilities are a great starting point to assemble editorial ideas,” said Burridge. “Being able to evolve the creative tools rather than creating a platform from scratch has not just important workflow considerations, but makes long-term scalability a very tangible prospect.”

Burridge also sees advantage by authoring once with the Digital Magazine Solution to reach multiple devices. “We’re looking to get iGIZMO out on as many digital platforms as possible. While the iPad is clearly leading the charge, we think there are much wider-ranging possibilities on smaller mobile devices,” notes Burridge. “We’d hope that we’ll be able to bring both readers and advertisers with us across the various platforms.” Currently, Adobe has announced the Digital Content Viewer for the iPad and in the future we plan to release the Digital Content Viewer targeted for additional platforms.

Publications like iGIZMO have used a prerelease version of the Digital Magazine Solution to create these engaging experiences. Coming soon, we’ll post the publishing technologies in the Digital Magazine Solution on Adobe Labs so a broader set of publishers can create engaging digital magazine experiences. Bookmark the Adobe Labs page and check back to download the tools.


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Talking Newspaper

The Times of India and The Hindu, two of the largest circulated papers in the world, released a special advertisement in their daily papers Tuesday, launching Volkswagen’s new sedan, the Vento.

When readers opened the paper to the back page, a light-sensitive, voice activated chip began reading out why you buy their new automobile. The “talking” advertisement — an audio rendering of the print commercial similar to a radio ad —was pasted on the final page of the paper’s special 10-page section. The talking newspaper became the talk of India.

Unsuspecting readers bolted upright when the advertisement voice activation began. In many parts of the country there were unintended consequences from startled readers.

The police in Delhi received numerous calls, particularly from elderly Indians, who were frightened and suspicious of the talking newspaper.

In Mumbai, the bomb squad was called out when passersby became suspicious of noises coming from discarded newspapers in trash bins. Some readers thought they were hearing the voice of a ghost.

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Blackberry Tablet: Playbook

At Research in Motion’s Web-developer conference on Monday in San Francisco, the company has revealed its tablet, called the PlayBook. The 9.7  mm-thick tablet has a seven-inch display, front and rear HD cameras and full 1080p support along with H.D.M.I. output. The PlayBook has no cellular connection of its own: it has Wi-Fi or works in concert with a BlackBerry handheld, using an encrypted Bluetooth connection to tether to the phone.

The company said the PlayBook supports Flash 10.1 and HTML5 for browser graphics and animations. It features a 1-gigahertz dual-core processor. The PlayBook will use an operating system made by QNX, a company R.I.M. purchased in April, which makes operating systems for servers, cars, casinos and nuclear reactors.

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Sharp Corporation will launch a new cloud-based media service business, named “GALAPAGOS”, to provide a new user experience, while evolving to meet each customer’s changing needs with a network service and device specifically designed for the Japanese market. The first effort in this area will be an e-bookstore service that is planned to begin in December of this year. Two compatible tablet terminals have been developed specifically as e-book readers and will be introduced at the same time.

This new e-bookstore provides an “Automatic Scheduled Delivery Service” (fee-based service) for periodical publications. The most recent editions of newspapers and magazines a user has subscribed to can be delivered and read by the user’s e-book readers. In addition, free trial versions of recommended e-book content can also be delivered to the e-book reader, letting users immediately purchase content of their favor.

Two models of the e-book readers have been developed—a mobile type featuring a 5.5-inch LCD screen that reads like a paperback book, and a home type featuring a 10.8-inch high-resolution HD LCD that allows users to enjoy magazines formatted across a two-page spread.

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Rumor Mill: RIM to Introduce Tablet Device “BlackPad”

Citing sources familiar with RIM’s plans, The Wall Street Journal claimsthe BlackBerry maker could show the world its tablet as early as next week, at a developers’ conference in San Francisco.

The internal name for the tablet is BlackPad; it will have a seven-inch touch screen, one or two cameras, Bluetooth() and broadband connections, and it’s scheduled for a launch in the fourth quarter of the year. Interestingly enough, The Wall Street Journal’s sources claim the device will only be able to connect to mobile networks through a BlackBerry.

As far as the OS goes, the same sources claim RIM will use a new platform built by QNX, an OS maker RIM bought earlier this year, instead of BlackBerry OS. Furthermore, BlackBerry is supposed to eventually move the BlackBerry to this new platform, too.

That’s quite a bit of info from the Wall Street Journal, and although RIM did not confirm or deny any of it, it paints an interesting picture for the BlackBerry maker. RIM has slowly been losing ground to iPhone and Android() phones in the last year, and — if real — these moves show a determination to turn things around. If RIM’s tablet really brings a taste of the new platform that all BlackBerries will share, it won’t be just a competitor to iPad, it will be a major test of RIM’s ability to keep up with the current trends on the market.

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Dell New 7″ Device: Bestbuy Stores November

Michael Dell just teased a new Android-based tablet, one that’s 7 inches diagonal and looks to be a long-rumored device known as “Looking Glass.” There aren’t a lot of details available on the specs of this thing, but one assumes it’ll have a multitouch display and guts that’ll let it compete head-to-head with the iPad.

Phopo Credit Reuters

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Samsung Galaxy Tab – All The Great Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab is loaded with superb cool features, and is going to give the iPad a real tough fight. The widgets interface is specifically neat!
The video shows other features, all titled under the “It’s Go Time” slogan.
For more check out

Features presented:
– Widgets (probably the highlight feature of Android so far)
– Google maps navigation
– Music & Videos portal
– Emails
– 4 e-books apps (very cool)
– 32GB SD memory slot (yes! finally a freedom from storage tyranny)
– Stream to any monitor (yet another neat capability)
– 7 Hours battery life
– Front webcam for video chat
– Adobe Flash support for games and apps (well, surely that you won’t have on the iPad).

Verizon wireless have just announced it will be their first tablet computer.

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NXTbook NewsStand iPad App

Here’s the Nxtbook Native App for the iPad/iPhone, now live in the iTunes store.

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Mediaspectrum: Adrenalin iPad App Creator

Publishers’ content is managed by the Adrenalin CMS, Mediaspectrum says. Content is fed into the CMS directly from XML/RSS feeds. Like other apps, once a consumer downloads the publisher’s app from the Apple iTunes store, Adrenalin automatically updates the content based on a frequency determined by the publisher.

Workflow Process

Adrenalin features a fully integrated advertising engine.

Unlike all other iPad applications, Adrenalin features an integrated ad sales system that allows advertisers, agencies, and internal sales teams to directly schedule, target, and manage ad delivery. Ads can be assigned to a single application, selected to run across the entire Adrenalin network of publishers, or targeted to reach a specific group of consumers.

Adrenalin offers built-in digital subscription management.

Rather than charge users a one-time fee to download their app, Adrenalin publishers can instead offer digital content subscriptions from within the app itself. Readers download the app for free. Publishers present them with customized subscription packages tailored to meet their needs. By taking advantage of this functionality, publishers develop a recurring revenue stream while capturing critical data about their subscribers.

Full Press Release:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=75&cntnt01origid=104&cntnt01returnid=59

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Bloomberg: Apple Said to Negotiate With Publishers Over Digital Newsstand

Apple Inc. is developing a digital newsstand for publishers that would let them sell magazines and newspapers to consumers for use on Apple devices, said two people familiar with the matter.

The newsstand, designed particularly for the iPad, would be similar to Apple’s iBook store for electronic books, said the people, who declined to be identified because the negotiations are private. The newsstand would be separate from Apple’s App Store, where people can buy some publications now, they said.

Apple’s effort is aimed at luring more consumers to the iPad and helping publishers sell subscriptions, rather than single issues. The main hang-ups between Apple and publishers including Time Warner Inc., Conde Nast, Hearst Corp. and News Corp. are who controls data about users and how to split subscription revenue, the people said. Pricing for subscriptions also hasn’t been worked out.

The new storefront could be up and running within a couple of months, although the talks are ongoing and could fall apart. Apple may wait to unveil the initiative until they are ready to announce the next iPad, possibly in early 2011, one person said.

“These are serious discussions about subscriptions and advertising within newspaper and magazine applications,” said Roger Fidler, the program director for digital publishing at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri. “Publishers want to know who their customers are and their usage patterns while reading.”

Publisher Resistance

One challenge is that publishers prefer to control subscriber data and revenue, said Ken Doctor, an analyst with Outsell Inc. in Burlingame, California. Apple is trying to insert itself as a middleman that doesn’t exist in other industries, said Doctor, who is not directly involved in the talks. For example, Sony Corp. doesn’t demand a cut of the revenue from television shows on its TV sets, Doctor said.

Time Warner’s Time Inc. magazine unit, which sells Sports Illustrated and People, doesn’t plan to sign on with Apple’s newsstand because of concerns the effort would sever ties between the publisher and its customers, a person familiar with the company’s discussions said.

Next Issue Media, a joint venture of publishers that includes Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith Corp. and Time Inc., met this week and the discussions centered around the major magazine publishers not wanting to agree to the current terms from Apple, a person briefed on the conversation said.

Melissa Connerton, a spokeswoman for Next Issue Media, did not return a message seeking comment.

It’s unclear if any publishers have signed on yet, one person said.

Print + Video

To take advantage of the new platforms, News Corp., owner of the Wall Street Journal, is setting up a subscription news product specifically for tablets such as the iPad, according to a person familiar with the plans.

One person familiar with Apple’s digital platform plans says it is being designed to help large media companies showcase different kinds of content — say, Fox News television interviews within stories from the Wall Street Journal.

In their negotiations with Apple, publishers are trying to avoid repeating the battle of digital editions sold on Inc.’s Kindle device.

Publishers criticized how much revenue Amazon was sharing and the retailer’s policy of owning the subscriber information. Amazon still doesn’t share information with publishers about their customers.

“The last thing these companies want is a new middleman,” Doctor said.

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