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Sony’s OLED Scrollable Screen

Sony display’s new OLED screen that is scrollable.

OLED screens have long held the claim to be extremely flexible and thin, but Sony’s new display stretches it to new limits.

The OLED display is thinner than a strand of hair at 80 μm-thick, with a 4.1 inch, 121 ppi, and Organic Thin Film Transistor (OTFT). Sony created this new screen with an original organic semiconductor material with eight times the current modulation of conventional OTFTs–which has successfully shown the possibility of the world’s first OLED prototype capable of reproducing moving images while being rolled around on a cylinder with a radius of 4 mm or stretched.


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iPad Mania’s Winners and Losers (eMedia Week)

iPad Mania’s Winners and Losers

May 20, 2010

Even with 1 million or so iPads out there, no print publishers can lay claim to huge numbers of downloads yet. But among the few publishers that are giving out numbers, USA Today seems to be the big winner so far, with 371,213 downloads as of May 16.

The paper also said it ranks no. 1 in news apps and no. 12 in free apps on the Apple tablet.

It remains to be seen what will happen when the newspaper goes from a free app to a paid subscription model, as it said it would do July 4.

The New York Times was a close second, with more than 300,000 downloads of its free Editors’ Choice app. The app provides a sampling of two free pages of content.

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, has had about 230,000 downloads of its app and 100,000 regular users.

The WSJ app, which offers news updates, videos and market data, costs $3.99 per week but is being offered free to existing subscribers for a limited time.

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