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Which Generation Are You ?

These are Western Cultural Generations. Japan and Asia and portions of Europe will have their own generational definitions based on major cultural, political, and economic influences.

Generation Name Births
Age Today*
Oldest Age
The Lost Generation –
The Generation of 1914
1890 1915 101 126
The Interbellum Generation 1901 1913 103 115
The Greatest Generation 1910 1925 91 106
The Silent Generation 1923 1944 72 93
Baby Boomer Generation 1945 1964 52 71
Generation X 1961 1981 35 55
Generation Y –
The Millennial –
Gen Next
1975 1995 21 41
Generation Z 1995 2015 1 21










(*if still alive today)

Note: Dates are approximate and there is some overlap because there are no standard definitions for when a generation begins and ends.



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Facebook Woos Publisher Back With Instant Articles Feature 07/18/2016

Facebook giveth, and Facebook taketh away – and then giveth a little more.

Close on the heels of its announcement that it will be reducing the amount of publisher content users see intheir news feeds, the world’s biggest social network is wooing them again with a new feature allowing users to send each other links to Instant Articles in its popular Messenger function.

The new feature, announced by Facebook in a blog post on Thursday, is first rolling out for mobile devices with Android operating systems, with iPhone support coming in the next fewweeks. Messenger users who click on Instant Articles will enjoy the same accelerated load times for Instant Articles available elsewhere.

Facebook will identify content with accelerated loadtimes with a lightning bolt, appearing in the upper right hand of the Instant Articles link in Messenger. This integration replaces a previous system, in which links shared via Messengerloaded in a mobile browser, typically a much slower load time, especially with low connectivity. The new feature opens the Instant Articles within the Messenger app using Facebook’s technology,which hosts the publisher content directly on the Facebook platform.

Source: Facebook Woos Publisher Back With Instant Articles Feature 07/18/2016

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Loss Of Media Jobs Since 2007 07/04/2016

According to a Demo Memo analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, by the American Consumers Newsletter by Cheryl Russell, Editorial Director, New Strategist Press, thanksto the internet there are fewer media jobs!

Until the introduction of the smartphone in 2007, says the report, the effect of the internet on employment in traditional media,newspapers, magazines, and books, had been minimal. Between 1993 when Mosaic, the first graphical interface for the Worldwide Web was introduced, and 2007, newspaper employment had fallen some, butthe worst was yet to come. Employment in the magazine and book industries was almost unchanged during those years. Not so after the smartphone transformed the internet into something personal andportable, says the report.

Employment Changes:

In The Newspaper Industry

  • 1993 to 2007:-79,000
  • 2007 to 2016: -168,200

68% of job loss occurred since 2007

In The Magazine Industry

  • 1993 to 2007: -300
  • 2007 to 2016: -48,400

99% of job loss occurred since 2007

In The Book Industry

1993 to 2007: 700

2007 to 2016: -20,700

100% of job loss occurred since 2007

Traditional media jobs are disappearing, and new jobs are emerging in internet publishing and broadcasting, but not enough to fill the gap, says the report. Internet media employment grew by 125,300 between 2007 and 2016, or a little less than half the 237,300 jobs lost in the newspaper, magazine, and book industries. Even including job growth in television and film, there has been a net loss of 159,200 media jobs since 2007.

And, thanks to the internet says the report, newspaper employment has plummeted over the past two decades, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data, with most of the decline occurring since 2007, when the smartphone transformed the internet into something personal and portable. Behind the decline in newspaper employment is the shrinking newspaper audience, notes the report, a trend starkly documented in Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media 2016. The percentage of Americans who read a daily newspaper (print or digital) has plummeted since 2007.


For more from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, please visit here.

Source: Loss Of Media Jobs Since 2007 07/04/2016

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Time Inc. CEO: ‘I hadn’t even gone to the MySpace website before we bought the company’ — ‘but it’s a pretty good website’ – Yahoo Finance

There were a lot of chuckles about that,” Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp joked last week, speaking with Business Insider at the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

He added: “Quite frankly, I hadn’t even gone to the MySpace website before we bought the company, but after going there, it’s a pretty good website, and music is pretty interesting.

“Time Inc., which owns more than 90 media brands including Time magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune, wasn’t buying MySpace to resurrect the social network. It was all about the data assets.

Ripp said: “The whole point of MySpace is it gave you permission to reach 1.2 billion people. You combine that with the permissions Time Inc. has from its audiences: We reach 250 million adults in the US. We basically reach 80% of the adults anyone is trying to reach with the permissions that we have to reach them and track them and follow them, so MySpace has really been all about permissions.”That said, Ripp thinks there is a gap for music content online.”We need to look at it,” Ripp said. “I don’t have a plan for it yet. I’ve been focusing mostly on the integration of Viant. I’ve been focusing on mostly what to do with the data out of Xumo,” the Viant and Panasonic-owned over-the-top TV video platform that collects data from 13 million smart TVs, “and the TV targeting data that comes from television, and the third conversation will be what to do about MySpace.”

Source: Time Inc. CEO: ‘I hadn’t even gone to the MySpace website before we bought the company’ — ‘but it’s a pretty good website’ – Yahoo Finance

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Personalization Drives Email Engagement 06/29/2016

Personalization increases click-through rates by an average of 250% — and by as much as 500% — according to an Epsilon report released Monday.

The marketingcompany released its quarterly email trends report, based on an aggregate of 8.5 billion emails sent from over 150 Epsilon clients of varying industries during first-quarter 2016 in North America.

Personalized and triggered emails perform significantly higher than traditional email marketing campaigns, according to the report — no surprise to email marketers.

Unlike traditionalemail newsletters, triggered emails are sent as a result of a specific action taken by the consumer. For example, a welcome email series could be triggered when a consumer subscribes to an email list,or an abandoned shopping cart email could be sent when a customer fails to finalize a purchase.

Even a small level of personalization can go far in email marketing. Triggered messages onlyaccounted for 3% of the total volume of email studied, but resulted in average open rates of 55.8% and click-through rates of 11.4%, according to Experian.

Furthermore, when compared to‘business as usual’ campaigns, triggered messages increased clicks and open rates by an average of 241.4% and 67.9%, respectively.

Source: Personalization Drives Email Engagement 06/29/2016

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Multitasking Pushes Adult Media Use To Half a Day, Every Day 06/17/2016

According to a new eMarketer report, “US Time Spent with Media: eMarketer’s Updated Estimates for Spring 2016,” US adults will squeeze an average of 12 hours, 5 minutes per day ofmedia usage into their waking hours this year, thanks to media multitasking, nearly an hour more than the average in 2011. But the daily figure is expected to grow by just 3 minutes between 2016 and2018.

While mobile devices enable people to consume media content anywhere at any time, the numbers suggest a saturation point is near, says the report, and that increased time spent with onemedium will tend to come at the expense of time spent with another,



Source: Multitasking Pushes Adult Media Use To Half a Day, Every Day 06/17/2016

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Publishers find Google’s AMP speeds up pages, but ads are still slow


The mobile web is getting faster thanks to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages scheme, and it’s about to get faster still. AMP articles now appears within Google News, giving media companies another high-traffic channel for speedier content delivery. But publisher complaints about slow loading ads have yet to be resolved.

Legacy publishers like The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Financial Times have taken a can’t-em-beat-join-em approach to the platforms, hoping to capture their traffic while figuring out ways to sell ads to those audiences, even though readers don’t technically visit their sites. They are diving into both Google’s AMP and Facebook’s Instant Articles.

Google and Facebook are able to load articles and videos more quickly because they host the content on their own servers. Facebook hosts the ads just like articles, giving them speedy load times, too. Google serves ads into AMP articles through its DoubleClick platform. The process means they load more slowly than the rest of the content.

Source: Publishers find Google’s AMP speeds up pages, but ads are still slow

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Minnesota Vikings kick off a new app and stadium beacons

The NFL’s Minnesota Vikings will offer its fans a way to navigate its new stadium, order beer and buy tickets in its relaunched app.

The Minnesota Vikings are tackling opening a new stadium and launching a new app this coming season.

The National Football League team will relaunch its app at a party during the NFL Draft 2016 on Thursday, April 28, says John Penhollow, vice president of corporate and technology partnerships for Minnesota Vikings Football LLC. The new app will work in conjunction with the team’s new indoor stadium, U.S. Bank Stadium, which will open this summer.

The new app will allow fans to purchase tickets, enter the stadium via a mobile ticket, purchase food and drinks, watch video replays, earn points in a loyalty program, buy merchandise and navigate the stadium with turn-by-turn directions, Penhollow says. The team’s current app has none of this functionality and only provides content, such as news and information about the team, he says.

Without any of these features, the Vikings’ current app has amassed 450,000 downloads since its launch in 2012, Penhollow says. Once the new app launches fans with the current iteration of the Viking’s app will receive an alert to update their apps. Assuming this large base of fans updates the app, Penhollow hopes the app can reach more than a million downloads.

Source: Minnesota Vikings kick off a new app and stadium beacons

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Instant Articles Could Provide Instant Opportunity for City & Regional Publishers – Publishing Executive

Many publishers have April 12th circled on their calendars. Reason being is that day presents the next big opportunities for publishers to expand their brand when Facebook opens its Instant Articles platform to everyone.Publishers are anxious to get more eyeballs on their content. So, when the social media giant recently announced all publishers will be able to post content natively on Facebook, which now boasts nearly 1.6 billion monthly users, many publishers were salivating at the possible exposure for their brand.“Do I think there is an opportunity? I do.

Do I understand what that opportunity is today? I don’t,” said Mike Shoemaker, president of Cities West Publishing, which produces two city/regional magazines. “It’s about trying to expand your message and potential reach to new readers. It’s a way to put your brand out there. It’s a hook. You’re casting a line and hoping to bring people in.”

Source: Instant Articles Could Provide Instant Opportunity for City & Regional Publishers – Publishing Executive

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