Press Release: Rakuten in Partnership with Aquafadas Launching a Mobile App with More Than 200 Digital Magazines – Publishing Executive

Montpellier, France — September 6, 2016 — Rakuten, a leading global Internet company in partnership with a digital software pioneer Aquafadas entered the interactive magazine apps market with its new product: Rakuten Magazine app launched on the 9th of August 2016. When there are multiple digital catalogues for the EMEA and American readers, e-magazines are less present in this part of the globe. An opportunity that cannot be given a miss!

Imagine 200 magazines, 11 genres, available via an easy-to-use mobile app, all accessible thanks to a very appealing “all you can eat” subscription plan? Combine it with the Rakuten clients base of 100 million existing active customers. The opportunities are endless.

The app is available in Japan and accessible on both iOS and Android devices. Aquafadas has provided a technological frame including: the cloud based app infrastructure and digital enrichment and conversion tools. Their technical solutions have been optimised and adapted in order to meet the needs of the audience and provide stable and highly secure backend as well as a highly flexible user interface.

Matthieu Kopp, CTO, Aquafadas : “It’s the first time when our Aquafadas software enabled to transform and contain so much content in one single app. We’re talking about 200 magazines and this is a wonderful number of titles and also for us – tech experts – this is a powerful amount of data needed to be processed. We’re expecting an impressive adoption rate aiming at millions of readers in the next few years. And whilst we’re waiting impatiently for users reactions and feedback, we’re already working on next features. We have lots of great enhancements in the pipeline that will no doubt bring digital magazines experience in Japan to the next level.

”About Aquafadas: A highly successful French Tech start up, a part of the internet giant Rakuten group. In 2016 they have celebrated its 10 years anniversary. The company started as a leader in Mac software designed to create personal photos and videos animations. Following iPhone touch launch, they became key players in digitisation of comics afterwards moving towards a partnership with well known publishers helping them in transition from glossy magazines to stunning mobile content and apps. Today, they are one of the key enterprise mobility enablers with their creative publishing tools for the business world. Amongst their clients they list: Adecco, Deloitte, VW, Audi, Turkish Airlines, Audi, Havas, Shuiesha, Prêt à Manger and many more.

Source: Press Release: Rakuten in Partnership with Aquafadas Launching a Mobile App with More Than 200 Digital Magazines – Publishing Executive

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