Magazine Readers Are Wealthy & Well Educated, USPS Study Finds

The quintessential subscribers to printed American consumer magazines are wealthy, well-educated empty nesters who live in a single-family house, a recent U.S. Postal Service study suggests.

“Households with incomes above $100,000 receive three times as many periodicals as households earning less than $35,000,” says the USPS’s recently released annual Household Diary Study of mail received by more than 5,000 households during 2015.

“For households whose heads are under 34 years old and with incomes less than $35,000, the average is only 0.2 pieces per week. Households with income above $100,000 and whose heads are over 55 receive the most periodicals, with 1.7 pieces per week.”

Households that receive the most mailed periodicals also tend to have more than one adult, no children (Come on, parents, magazines are a great way to get kids interested in reading.), be headed by someone with a postgraduate degree, and reside in a single-family house.

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