PwC’s global media outlook 2016-2020: six key trends

Every year PwC produces an annual study looking at major developments in the world’s media and entertainment sectors. Blending five-year forecasts and historic data from the past half decade, the report is a rich repository of information for busy media execs.

Covering 13 segments and 54 countries, most of these findings are only accessible to subscribers, although some top-level insights, analysis and discussion are available on their website. Chris Lederer, Partner, PwC’s Strategy&, Entertainment & Media practice walked TheMediaBriefing through some of the key takeaways from this year’s new report.

“At the highest level,” Lederer explains, “our annual Global entertainment and Media Outlook shows a mature media industry with slowing growth prospects.”

Yet, despite this overall trend, Lederer finds:

“There are massive opportunities for growth inside this multi-shifting global media landscape.

“The industry remains extremely dynamic with pockets of growth scattered across the increasing complex and competitive global market.”

Below are six major takeaways from the study which highlight some of these complexities.

  1.  Youth population size can be more important for growth than GDP“The countries with large populations under 35 are faster growers than countries with larger aged populations,” Lederer observes.More specifically, PwC’s analysis found that “on average, E&M spending in the 10 youngest markets is growing three times as rapidly as in the 10 oldest markets.”

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Source: PwC’s global media outlook 2016-2020: six key trends


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