Personalization Ranks Highest On Smartphones

An article ran in Monday’s SearchBlog that presented data from Econsultancy, in partnership with Adobe Marketing Cloud, which shows hownearly half of brands and agencies still do not have a mobile strategy. In the comments section, Ed Papazian, president of Media Dynamics, wrote (I’m paraphrasing) that just because a media platformhas a lot of users doesn’t mean most, or all, advertisers should use it.

While Papazian makes a valid point, consider this. Laptop and desktop users — with a Digital Satisfaction Index(DSI) score of about 55 and 56, respectively — are least satisfied with personalization, which for me is one of the main reasons I connect with brands and retailers online and in stores. As aconsumer, I have many options. And according to the recent report from Intent Lab, I’m not the only consumer thinking this way.

The stat comes from Performics and NorthwesternUniversity, which recently created the search-based Intent Lab, along with a quarterly report that measures consumer attitudes and perceptions of online marketing.

Users of laptops and desktops are least satisfied with personalization, in my opinion, because advancements in technology now allow advertisers to talk with consumers nearly one-to-one throughtheir mobile device, which they keep with them nearly every waking moment of the day. Technology on the horizon will make that exchange between brands and consumers one-to-one. Some consumers may notwant that one-to-one connection. Advertisers will need to use extra caution and draw the line. Consumers might find it creepy.

Source: Personalization Ranks Highest On Smartphones 08/02/2016


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