Sports Teams Go Big On Beacons: In 93% Of MLB Stadiums, 53% Of NBA Arenas

The Internet of Things is verymuch about determining precise consumer location, and sensors such as beacons are helping that along more every day.

There are now about 8 million sensors in the marketplace, with the majorityof them being beacons, according to a new global market tally.

The report comprises data aggregated from 330 companies that work with beacons and input details of their beacon usage into adatabase maintained by Unacast, a beacon data platform company.

Of the sensors, 6 million are beacons and 2 million are NFC sensors, with the number increasing 33% just from the first quarterof this year to the second.

We’ve written a lot about beacons at retail here but another major use is in professional sports. Here’s the breakdown of sports locations already withbeacons deployed:

  • 93% — Major League Baseball stadiums
  • 75% — National Football League stadiums
  • 53% — National Basketball Association arenas
  • 47% –National Hockey League arenas

One of the drivers of beacons in sports is the opportunity to gain new revenue streams.

Source: Sports Teams


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