Using AI And Machine Learning To Personalize Content

Creating original branded content solves many problems for marketers, but also presents challenges — among them distribution and realizing ROI from what can be a costly investment.

Time Inc., CBS and Telepictures are among hundreds of publishers working with IRIS.TV, which recently introduced a product to manage thedistribution of branded content. Its video personalization solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology so publishers can automate the programming of their video libraries forthe individual based on that person’s preferences and behavior.

We spoke with Rohan Castelino, director of business development and marketing with IRIS.TV, about how this works.While brands are increasingly looking to partner to create content to engage Millennials, how can publishers deliver guaranteed audiences to watch this content at scale while maintaining theireditorial standards and trust with audiences?

For publishers, branded content provides an opportunity for significantly higher revenue as brands pay a premium to access a targetedaudience. For this format to thrive, you need both reach and engagement.

Source: Using AI And


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