Twilio Code Jam: Kenny Polcari – Business Insider

When cloud communications service Twilio held its mega-hot IPO in late June, it did something a little unusual.

It held a “Code Jam” on the New York Stock Exchange floor, which was basically a jam session for coders. A trio of developers set up shop and programmed whatever struck their fancy, app after app, and streamed it all live to the internet via Amazon’s Twitch.

But Kenny Polcari, a 55-year-old stockbroker who’s been with the NYSE for the past 35 years, didn’t know any of that, he tells Business Insider. He just knew that there was some kind of tech IPO that day, and that three people were setting up computers on the trading floor for some reason.

“What’s the investment thesis, what [does Twilio] even do?” Polcari remembers wondering.

Before the opening bell rang, Polcari decided to indulge his curiosity, and wandered over to the trio to investigate. Twilio developer evangelist Rob Spectre explained that they were there to show off the company’s voice and text technology — and, seeing Polcari’s interest, offered to teach him how to code, once the Code Jam was officially underway.

Source: Twilio Code Jam: Kenny Polcari – Business Insider


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