How ALM Used Data to Reinvent Its Newsroom

Many publishers approach online content creation similarly, with journalists publishing new content based on internal deadlines instead of shaping that content based on when and how readers want to engage with it. The leadership at ALM believed the company could improve engagement and monetization by aligning its content creation with user behavior. At the Data, Insight & Revenue Summit in June, ALM chief digital officer David Saabye explained how a deep analysis of ALM’s traffic revealed that users visit ALM’s legal sites more at certain points in the day and engage with different types of content depending on when they visit.

“As we look through this data what we see is that we are not necessarily capturing the interest of the audience and matching that with the type of content that we are publishing,” said Saabye. So at the end of 2015 ALM began to restructure how it publishes content with the goal of improving reader engagement across its legal sites and newsletters. He added that ALM essentially adopted the mindset of a 24-hour news channel, which creates programming that cater to viewers’ moods and consumption habits throughout the day.

Source: How ALM Used Data to Reinvent Its Newsroom


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