Printed Newspapers Are Dead; Thanks A Lot, Millennials 06/24/2016


After more than 20 years of subscribing to The New York Times, I’ve finally faced reality and canceled home delivery of the print edition and moved exclusively to anall-access digital pass. Truth is, it’s been years since I’ve regularly read The New York Times—or The Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, for thatmatter—in print, at least. In fact, I’ve spent the past four or five years methodically suspending my home delivery and simply reading the Times on my iPhone, tablet or laptop.

When I mentioned to some Millennial colleagues that I finally gave up reading The New York Times in print in favor of reading it in digital formats, their reactions ranged from,“What took you so long?” to “BuzzFeed is better than the Times, LOL!” to “There’s a print version?” Indeed, it seems as if I’m one of the lastof my cohorts to give up the ghost on print media. Having spent the early part of my career working at print magazines, I’d been a longtime advocate and fan of the printed page. Apparently, myreading habits were more akin to a 65-year-old, college-educated matron than a Gen Xer who works in new media and tech. Whomp whomp.

Source: Printed Newspapers Are Dead; Thanks A Lot, Millennials 06/24/2016


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