Don’t Push Millennials; Build Trust, Gain Loyalty 05/19/2016

According to a new study by RAPTmedia, consumers don’t trust content that’s pushed at them. They’re not relying on it when researching purchases. And nearly all consumers aregoing out of their way to avoid seeing it by blocking pop-up ads, disabling cookies, opting out of emails, and skipping pre-roll video ads.

To understand this rapidly growing issue, RAPTsurveyed an audience of over 1,000 consumers to discover:

  • How personalized they feel content is to their needs and interests
  • How they feel about content that’spushed at them vs. content they discover
  • How they would engage differently with content if it was more personalized
  • How millennials, in particular, want to explore and interactwith content

Consumers want content that’s meaningful, helpful and valuable to their specific needs and interests. But equally important is their desire to seek it outthemselves. And beyond the ability to seek it out, content needs to be personalized in a way that allows consumers to customize, navigate, click and control it.

Millennials are showing an evengreater mistrust for pushed content and continue to stiff-arm brands’ attempts to reach them in this way, says the report. The effort to successfully reach, build trust with, and gain loyaltyfrom the next generation of brand consumers and advocates starts with rethinking the way content is consumed.

Key Findings:

  • 43% say online ads are not personalized to their interests
  • 62% say content they discover themselves is personalized
  • 95% take action to avoid seeing or receiving ads
  • 61% say even if content is customized, they still prefer to find it on their own
  • 5% say ads influence their purchasing decisions
  • 46% say content they find on their own influences their purchase decision
  • 57% of millennials block ad content because it is too pushy vs. 38% of those over 45

Despite consumers being increasingly in the driver’s seat, brands are still attempting topersonalize the content experience by pushing content at them at the right time and through the right channel, says the report. What they’ve failed to realize is that consumers don’t wantcontent pushed at them at all.

Consumers want to discover content on their own, and they don’t trust brands who don’t realize this. This mistrust makes it apparent that brandswho attempt to personalize advertisements and not content experiences are missing the mark, with most consumers saying that even if marketers tailored ads to their interests, they stillwouldn’t click on it; It removes the element of discovery that they want online.

The main reasons why consumers try to get brands to stop sending Content and ads include:

  • 55% It’s not interesting or relevant to them
  • 46% It’s too pushy
  • 42% They don’t trust them
  • 67% They’re sending too muchof it The Problem with Pushed Content
  • 95% of consumers take action to avoid seeing or receiving ads and
  • 66% of consumers do so regularly
  • 57% of millennials block ad content because it’s too pushy, vs. only 38% of those over age 45 who cited the same reason
  • 30% said they would tell friends about abrand/ company if it delivered them personalized content, vs. only 18% of those over age 30 and 8% of those over age 60
  • 42% say they’d spend more time reading orviewing content if they could tailor it to their interests, vs. 28% of those over age 45
  • 60%of millennials say that they would be more likely to make a purchaseafter spending more time engaging with content, vs. 44% of those over age 30

In looking at how discovery and personalization drive engagement and purchases, it’s worthexamining the consumers that are driving this trend and how the demand for personalized content is likely to continue, says the report. According to YouBrand, millennials were estimated tohave a combined global spending power of $2.45 trillion in 2015 So as these younger consumers make up a larger portion of the U.S. consumer base, with tremendous spending power, brandsshould take notice of what they want most from their content experience, how to build trust with them, and how to ultimately turn them into loyal consumers.

Source: Don’t Push Millennials; Build Trust, Gain Loyalty 05/19/2016


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