WPP, IPG, Vizio, Others Sued For Brokering In Personally Identifiable Data 04/22/2016

Cruncing the numbers

WPP and its media trading platform Xaxis, Interpublic Group, smart TV makerVizio, ispot.tv, TubeMogul and several other ad tech companies have been slapped with a multimillion dollar class action law suit in U.S. District Court in California for allegedly sharing personallyidentifiable viewing data culled from Vizio smart TVs in violation of several federal and state laws including the Video Privacy Protection Act and California’s Unfair Competition Law.

The suit is just the latest to be filed against Vizio and a number of adtech companies citing privacy and related laws.

The two named plaintiffs in the suit are Robyn Kuntzmann of Multnomah County, Oregon and Linda Bunch, of Atlantic County, NJ, both of whombought Vizio smart TVs and allege that viewing data from their sets was used illegally.

The suit alleged that Vizio collected data from its consumer network of smart TV users knowing that itsvalue would “fuel future growth and drive revenue” at the company.

As owners of Vizio smart TVs, the plaintiffs charged that their “personally identifiable information wasdisclosed for marketing and advertising purposes without their informed, written consent by Defendants to third parties.” The Vizio sets, they argued, have complicated “opt out”default mechanisms to avoid sharing data but that they are legally required to have default “opt-in” mechanisms.

Source: WPP, IPG, Vizio, Others Sued For Brokering In Personally Identifiable Data 04/22/2016


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