Google Digs Into Addressable TV, Serves Listing In Search Results 04/21/2016

Google made a strong push Wednesday into the budding multimillion-dollar addressable TV market with several features that will personalize television advertising in away that is similar to how personalized ads appear on the Web.

From the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference, Google announced an addressable TV feature — DoubleClickDynamic Ad Insertion for broadcasters — and an update to DoubleClick for Publishers that keeps competing advertisers from appearing consecutively in the same TV ad segment.

There are alsoimproved search features that will allow additional information for TV shows index on the Web.

The Dynamic Ad Insertion in DoubleClick, an addressable TV feature, allows each televisionviewer to see personalized advertisements when either watching live or on-demand TV. It builds on Google’s experiments with personalizing ads into live linear TV through the Google Fiberset-top-box the company announced last year.

The Rugby World Cup Finals on TF1 and the Republican Presidential Debates on Fox News have already tested Dynamic Ad Insertions, which managed todeliver a fully addressable viewing experience.

More controls also means the ability to make sure two competing brands do not place ads that appear together.

Source: Google Digs Into Addressable TV, Serves Listing In Search Results 04/21/2016


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