Publishers find Google’s AMP speeds up pages, but ads are still slow


The mobile web is getting faster thanks to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages scheme, and it’s about to get faster still. AMP articles now appears within Google News, giving media companies another high-traffic channel for speedier content delivery. But publisher complaints about slow loading ads have yet to be resolved.

Legacy publishers like The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Financial Times have taken a can’t-em-beat-join-em approach to the platforms, hoping to capture their traffic while figuring out ways to sell ads to those audiences, even though readers don’t technically visit their sites. They are diving into both Google’s AMP and Facebook’s Instant Articles.

Google and Facebook are able to load articles and videos more quickly because they host the content on their own servers. Facebook hosts the ads just like articles, giving them speedy load times, too. Google serves ads into AMP articles through its DoubleClick platform. The process means they load more slowly than the rest of the content.

Source: Publishers find Google’s AMP speeds up pages, but ads are still slow


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