Google Scans Billions Of Android Apps, Too Many In High-Risk Security Category 04/20/2016

googlelogo_color_272x92dpGoogle’smotivation to keep app users safe as they search for information and explore new ways to make their life easier through mobile devices points to helping consumers feel secure and free from malware andhackers. The safer consumers feel, the more they will use the apps and mobile Web and interact with branded content and paid-search ads.

In Google’s second annual report on the state of Android security, thecompany says it now scans six billion Android apps daily on smartphones around the world to look for potentially harmful apps (PHAs), but another report suggests Android apps still fall into ahigher-risk category. Too many are at risk of leaking consumer data.


It means Google now scans 400 million devices daily using automated systems to support Google Mobile Services, with theautomated system protecting users who install apps from sources other than Google Play. In 2015, PHAs were installed on less than 0.15% of devices that only get apps from Google Play.

Includeall devices in the Android ecosystem using Google’s services, such as apps from third-party app stores, and this rises to 0.5%, up from 1% from the prior year.

Source: Google Scans Billions Of Android Apps, Too Many In High-Risk Security Category 04/20/2016


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