Newspaper Publishers Launch Nucleus, National Ad Network 04/18/2016

Last week, four of the country’s biggest newspaper publishers announced the formation of a new national advertising network, in hopes of wooing advertisers with greater reach and new audiencetargeting capabilities.

Gannett, Tribune Publishing, McClatchy and Hearst announced that launch of Nucleus Marketing Solutions, led by Seth Rogin, formerly chief revenue officer at Mashable.

Nucleus will offer ad products spanning established and emerging digital channels and will facilitate programmatic sales for national ad campaigns. Nucleus will also offercoordinated print campaigns.

Together, the partners claim to reach a combined audience of 168 million U.S. unique visitors per month, including 70% of consumers in the country’s top 30media markets. The publishers are also working on signing up 11 affiliate partners to further boost reach and distribution.

This is just the latest in a series of attempts to create a digitalad network for national newspaper publishers, not all of which have been successful. Back in 2008, Tribune joined forces with The New York Times Co., Hearst, and Gannett to launch a new network,QuadrantOne, to pool online ad inventory.

The joint venture eventually rolled out programmatic ad sales, but was later shut down in 2013.

Source: Newspaper Publishers Launch Nucleus, National Ad Network 04/18/2016


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