The Dilemma: Content That Delivers Without ROI Measurement 04/12/2016

Personalization of content at the point of creation is playing an increasingly vital role in engaging audiences, but doing it cost effectively and being able to measure performance beyond initial consumption all the way to ROI is a challenge most marketers face, says the report. Thestudy found that marketers’ biggest challenge with content is gaining deeper insights beyond clicks and views or initial consumption. Marketers report that they are tasked with marrying thecontent they produce to business goals, such as being able to clearly demonstrate ROI and proving engagement. On top of that, marketers are increasingly being tasked to take measurement farbeyond the initial engagement and map conversions directly back to the content experiences that they’ve invested in. However, they continue to find themselves with onlysurface-level metrics to connect the dots.

Key Marketer Statistics

  • 98% say they’d be more willing to invest in content technology if it addressed their measurement concerns
  • 75% say content today can’t be personalized enough for different audiences
  • 60% are unable to measure ROI on the content they produce
  • 59% saygaining deeper insights is their biggest concern when investing in content
  • 49% are unable to measure content performance across all channels in aggregate
  • 47% say contentisn’t versatile enough and can’t be leveraged across multiple mediums and devices

Source: The Dilemma: Content That Delivers Without ROI Measurement 04/12/2016


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