Arovia has created SPUD, the Spontaneous Pop-up Display. SPUD is the world’s first high resolution, 24-inch computer screen that collapses to the size of your fist and weighs less than a pound. With SPUD, users will have the large and portable screen they need, anywhere they want. SPUD can connect directly to a phone, tablet, or laptop.Mobile professionals need large, portable computer screens to view and/or compare documents without scrolling and switching between windows. They work away from their desk at least 10% of the time and work at various locations including the client site, hotel, airport lounge, coffee shops, co-working spaces, and different parts of their house or company. Since large computer screens increase productivity by 50%, SPUD users can get up to three additional hours of computer related work done in a day compared to their peers who work on smaller screens. But the SPUD isn’t just great for work: anyone with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone can benefit from an additional 24 inches of screen real estate. From watching movies on the go to being that gamer with the bigger screen advantage, the SPUD gives users the versatility to GO BIG wherever and whenever they want!

Source: Arovia


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