More Magazines are Sold on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and 13 Other Fun Facts About Magazines at the Newsstands…

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At the MPA/PBAA Retail Marketplace conference in Philadelphia, Gil Brechtel, from the Magazine Information Network (MagNet) presented 14 fun facts about the magazine business at retail outlets in t…


1. About 50% of all magazine copies are sold on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The lowest selling day of the week is Wednesday, with only about 11.5% of the total sold on an average week.

2. November is the weakest month for magazines sales, even though the day before Thanksgiving is among the best magazine sales days each year.

3. Bookazine sales typically spike during the first few weeks of July, where the average cover price of all magazines sold during that period has ballooned by about 12% in recent years.


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