XBOX ONE to Support 3D and 4K Video

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xbox_oneThe Xbox One is a next-generation console, and as such, it’s built with some future proofing in mind. It can do things you’re not quite ready for just yet, such as play back 4K resolution games, movies, and TV. And it’ll support 3D visuals too, despite the fact that 3D in the home has yet to catch in any meaningful way when it comes to TV, movies, or games. Microsoft noted that the new console would support 4K at the Xbox One launch event on Monday, but 3D support was kept under wraps until Xbox spokesman Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb mentioned it in a Wednesday Yahoo chat session.

The Xbox One’s predecessor, the Xbox 360, supported up to 1080p video output — considered full HD. But almost no Xbox 360 games offered true 1080p graphics. Most games only supported 720p resolution that could be upscaled to 1080p. Ultra HD, as 4K is also known as, promises about four times the resolution of a 1080p video source. But making the jump to 4K gaming or even 4K home video won’t be happening anytime soon, especially considering that most media hasn’t hit 1080p yet. Most HD television channels top out at 720p as well. Another problem: 4K files are massive. A 4K movie is currently a download of about 100GB.

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