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New Product Launch… Live Apps from PageSuite

Designed-for-device editions…
Live Apps stream publishers’ content into pre-designed templates, transforming news, image and video feeds into engaging editions. PageSuite’s back office system offers publishers a powerful yet simple and efficient way to create, customise and manage their app – from adding branding, feeds and share options to specifying article sections and page layouts.

Feed-Driven Apps
Live app editions are powered by XML and JSON feeds which means publishers’ existing online content can be output into beautiful and stylish editions, optimised for reading on iOS tablet devices.

Customise and Enhance
Tailor your app to fit your brand by adding logos, colours, fonts, background images and more. You can also control how your content is categorised by choosing which sections appear in your app.

Multiple Template Options
Choose from a library of templates and a range of options to meet your internal resource and content. You can also create your own custom front covers and article layouts using PageSuite’s unique tools.

Deliver 24/7
Publishers have complete control over the scheduling of their Live editions and all past editions are automatically sent to the archive so subscribers can catch up on any news that they’ve missed via the edition timeline.

Drive Revenue
Live Apps feature Newsstand integration and offer full integration with existing subscriber databases. There are also multiple advertising and sponsorship opportunities with interactive full-page interstitial adverts and MPU slots.

Personalised Content
Readers can instantly access articles they want to read about by choosing which feeds populate their app. Publishers also have the opportunity to further monetise content by offering additional feeds made available through in-app payments.


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