Everyone Knows Print Is Dead. Which Is Why NSFWCORP Is Launching A Print Edition

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For a print publication to thrive today, it has to stop trying to replicate a web experience — snappy boxouts! 140 character features! SEO-tested headlines! HASHTAGS ON THE GODD#*N COVER — and st…


Editors of dozens of local newspapers say print is dead because they are unable to find an audience hungry for their daily bowl of rehashed AP Newswire copy, unfunny comic strips, dumb-as-a-rock “humor” columnists, and some nonsense about an escaped dog.

Media experts say print is dead because, well, that’s the kind of forward thinking insight you have to offer to succeed in media punditry. Writing off an analog format is far more likely to get you a book deal, and far less likely to come back and bite you in the ass than “betting against the future” might.

The consensus that print is dead is clear. And the continuing print success of the Economist (where the same number of subscribers choose a print-only subscription as a digital-only one) is annoying and confusing. As is the continuing print success of the New Yorker and The Week.

They’re easily dismissed though: Those magazines are special. Or they’re institutions that have been around forever (apart from The Week). Or they’re for stuffy old people (apart from The Week).  Or, I dunno, the people who buy them are elves, or goblins — or some kind of creatures that eat paper. Perhaps they’re the same elves or goblins or creatures who buy a combined 6,005,090 print copies every day of the top-ten newspapers in the US.

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