Adobe Latest DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) Release

Adobe_logo The following features are available for the v25 release. For a compilation of release notes, see History of new feature release notes. For a list of bug fixes, see DPS Bug Fix Release Notes.

Library UI improvements (iPad only)

The iPad viewer library was redesigned to include larger grid cover images. Tapping a cover image of a downloaded folio opens the folio. Tapping a cover image of a folio not yet downloaded opens a preview pane. Readers can use the gear menu button to select and remove folios.Folio view includes several changes. The Home button is now the Library button in multi-folio apps. The function of the Browse button and the bottom scroll bar are now combined. Use the scroll bar to swipe through articles in browse mode. The arrows next to the scroll bar that jump to the next or previous article have been removed.In DPS App Builder, you can also remove the Subscribe and Sign In buttons that appear in the upper left corner of the library in Enterprise subscription apps. The redesign requires larger subscription tile images for subscription apps.

First retail folio free

By selecting an option in the Account Administration tool, publishers can make the most recently published retail folio available to users who download the app for the first time. See Account Administration tool.

Conditional HTML content (Enterprise only)

Designed to be used with the first folio free feature, this feature enables a publisher to create either an HTML article or a Web Content overlay that displays different content depending on how the folio was obtained. For example, if a user downloads a complimentary folio, the content can include a subscription offer. If a user obtains the folio through a subscription, the content can offer additional products.To set up this conditional HTML content, do two things. First, select the Allow Access to Entitlement Information option for the Web Content overlay or the HTML article (see Web Content overlays). Second, add a custom JavaScript API to your HTML code. For more information about this JavaScript API, contact your Adobe representative.

Auto-download latest entitled issue

When this DPS App Builder setting is selected, the most recent entitled issue is downloaded automatically—either the first free retail folio if enabled or the most recently published free folio. The purpose of this option is to provide a better experience for first-time app users. See App Details panel.

Automatically open background-downloaded issue

When this DPS App Builder setting is selected, any folio that is downloaded in the background since the previous viewing session opens on app launch. If this option is not selected, the most recently viewed folio is opened in its last reading position. See App Details panel.

Open folio to last-read article

When you switch between folios, the previously viewed folio is no longer reset. Instead, the viewer remembers the reading position of all folios. To reset a folio, display the navigation bars in an article and triple-tap the title bar.

Dynamic subscriptions (Enterprise only)

Publishers can add or remove subscription options on an ongoing basis without having to update the app. This allows publishers to evaluate subscription durations to determine the best set of options. For details about editing the custom library API to enable dynamic subscriptions, contact your Adobe representative.

Streamlined testing of Amazon apps

When you use DPS App Builder to create an app (.apk file) for Amazon, you can now load and test the .apk file on the Amazon device without having to load a separate .json file. Using a .json file is now required only to test retail content. For details, see DPS Publishing Process for Amazon and Android Devices.

Local storage support on Android apps

In previous versions, Android viewers did not support local storage. Quitting an app resulted in losing the reading position or form fill-in data. With v25 Android apps, this information is now preserved, as it is in iOS apps.

goto:// navigation (Enterprise only)

The goto:// format lets Enterprise publishers create links in folio view to any custom icon content in the library. For example, if you create a custom icon in DPS App Builder with a “Store” label, you can create a button with a “goto://ApplicationViewState/Store” action that automatically opens the Store HTML content—just like tapping the custom Store icon. See Create goto links to custom icons.

Hide top navigation bar

When this DPS App Builder setting is selected, only the bottom navigation bar is displayed when a user taps an article. This enables publishers to create a persistent navigation bar on all article pages for navigating within the folio.

Automated workflow API improvements (Enterprise only)

When using APIs for automated DPS publishing workflows, you can now publish and update folios and update article metadata (updating articles is planned for a future release).

Facebook sharing enhancements for iOS6

If users have entered their Facebook account information in their iOS Settings, they will be seamlessly signed in when sharing an article to Facebook instead of receiving a sign-in prompt.

SiteCatalyst analytics improvements

SiteCatalyst includes enhancements such as reporting the playback duration of videos.

Generate fulfillment download reports

Publishers can now generate reports to view download data from the Adobe Distribution Service. If you sign in to the DPS Dashboard using an Application account, you can choose the Fulfillment Report option to download a .csv file that includes billable download statistics from the Adobe Distribution Service for that app. If you sign in using an Admin account, you can click a link in the Dashboard to obtain a report that shows your fulfillment download balance. See Omniture analytics.

iOS4 no longer supported

The v25 viewers no longer support iOS4. The v25 viewers support only iOS5 or later.

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