Semantic Web – From Data Silos to “Web of Data”?

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SW is essentially a framework to link metadata (data about data) of data stored in disparate databases on the Web so that it will allow machines to query these databases and yield enriched results. SW is an extension of the existing World Wide Web. It provides a standardized way of expressing the relationships between web pages, to allow machines to understand the meaning of hyperlinked information. With SW enabling linking of various databases, it would be possible for machines to find information and relations that would not be available from any single database. Instead of data being in web silos, we will have a layer where the data is stored, a layer which maps and abstracts and a layer for Web Data applications. Work on SW is done in W3C and “is a collaborative effort led by W3C with participation from a large number of researchers and industrial partners.” The activity is carried out in several W3C groups”.

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