Google News Crumbles, And More 2013 Media Predictions – Forbes

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Guest post written by Ashley Harrison Ashley Harrison is CEO of the social news reader and publishing platform Taptu, a unit of Mediafed.”


With the digital and mobile era clearly setting in across the global landscape, media is continuing to transform. With new doors opening and others closing nearly everyday in the world of publishing, 2013 will be the year that mobile consumption finally raises the bar on both advertising and publishing in the digital age. Here are five predictions for how digital media will unfold in 2013:

Advertisers and publishers will take note as mobile devices will become the #1 way to read news.R.I.P. iOS magazine apps.Google News will start to fade as publishers seek profits.Revenue of news distribution on mobile devices will make up a third of all digital publishing.The ‘Super Blog’ will take over.

As smartphones and tablets begin to overthrow PCs, advertisers and publishers alike are stuck in a search for a way to hit their target audience and still generate revenue.

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