BII REPORT: How Content Is Being Consumed On Mobile Devices

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Here’s a breakdown of how mobile is impacting content consumption:

Tablets have fueled the continued rise of ebooks: Digital consumers read more books a year on average than their print-only counterparts, and 41% of tablet owners have use their device to access books.Tablets are a natural reading device, and ebooks are easier to browse and buy.

One of the primary attractions of smartphones is their dual capacity as MP3 players: The percentage of all U.S. mobile users listening to music on their phones increased from 12% in September 2009 to 27% in May. Mobile digital music has not made up for the stagnant record sales, but it has helped fueled the rise of mobile-focused music companies. Mobile now accounts for 70% of Pandor’as traffic.

News consumption is growing enormously: The news media still has an enormous audience in the U.S. Digital news audiences grew 17% last year. Mobile readers go to news sites more often, spent more time per visit, and read more articles per visit than desktop readers.

And mobile has helped drive an enormous amount of video consumption: Mobile users are increasingly watching longer content, not just YouTube videos. Tablets offer a better video experience, but consumers watch video on their smartphones too. Mobile video is not displacing television, but rather consumers are using their mobile devices as second (or third) screens.

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