LG Displays 6 inch Plastic-Paper

LG Display, the industry’s first plastic substrate “ succeeded in adopting e-paper production. Not fall or be damaged budithyeodo eBook market, based on the characteristics that enhance targeting plans.

LG Display, the world's first mass production of plastic electronic paper, six inches in the spiral. Unlike e-paper has been dropped or bent glass, also there is no breakage or damage to the screen.

LG Display (NYSE hansangbeom) is the world’s first glass instead of the plastic substrate using electronic ink (E-Ink) based on 6 inches XGA (1024 × 768)-class e-paper (EPD) in production plunge was announced on May 29. plastic e-paper in China ODM (original design manufacturers) is a professional supplier in the first supply. The finished product will be released early next month on the European market. LG Display has developed a strong column of plastic electronic paper, mobile phones, the thickness of the protective film level is characterized by the adoption of a plastic substrate. Glass of the same size and resolution compared with e-paper thin thickness of 0.7 ㎜ the third degree level. Less than half the weight is only 14g. Approximately 1.5m in the vertical drop test failure did not occur at all, with a small hammer, smash urethane in mice did not cause damage to the screen. LG to mass production of electronic paper display, thin plastics, light and unbreakable new ‘e-book `This was expected to emerge in the market one after another. Another approximately 40 degrees relative to the center of the screen on the inside and outside of a flexible design is possible to see a book in his hand a paper similar to the actual user experience will be able to offer. yeosangdeok Vice President (Mobile / OLED Business Division), the “FPR 3D like consumers really want and need to come up with technologies and products, LG Display’s product development philosophy, “said” plastic electronic paper based on the successful experience of the production, plastic-based OLED and flexible displays will continue to speed up development even more “he said. yangjong jsyang@etnews.com seokgija


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