Gorilla Glass 2 Coming to CES 2012

Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass announced its latest iteration, Gorilla Glass two. Gorilla Glass protects against scratches and the floor, which it seems most smartphones are magically attracted to. There is no word on what Gorilla Glass two will deliver, but senior VP of Corning, James R. Steiner promises significant improvements.

The Corning Booth at CES will sport an “82-inch advanced multi-touch LCD display prototype” made of Gorilla Glass 2. Expect nothing short of a sledgehammer blow to demonstrate the power of Gorilla Glass 2, possibly.

There is some speculation that the iPad 3 will sport Gorilla Glass 2. The rumour came about due to a possible early launch of the iPad 3 which will now ensure that there is enough time for Apple to integrate Gorilla Glass 2 into the new iDevice.

Corning Gorilla Glass: http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/


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