Book Publishers Digital Revenue

Publisher (Parent Company) Earnings Period Book Publishing Revenues (Change*) Digital Revenues (Change*) Digital As %Age Of Total Book Sales
Simon & Schuster (CBS) Q3 2011 $220 million (+1%) Not broken out (“more than doubled”) 17%
HarperCollins (News Corp.) Q3 2011 Not broken out Not broken out N/A. Print books sold in brick-and-mortar stores accounted for 71% of sales in the U.S., 77% worldwide
Penguin (Pearson) First 9 months of 2011 Not broken out; “level with 2010.” First 6 months of year: ?457 million Not broken out. First 6 months of year: Up 128% In first 6 months of year, e-book sales represented 14% of sales worldwide
Harlequin (Torstar) Q3 2011 C$115.7 million (-1.5% due to foreign exchange rates) Increased by C$7.5 million 15.8% worldwide
Bloomsbury 6-month period ending 8/31/11 ?44.9 million (+16%) ?2.5 (+564%) 5.5% (U.S. and UK)
Scholastic children’s trade books Q1 2012 (ending 8/31/11) Children’s trade books: $59.6 million (+10%) Not broken out N/A
John Wiley & Sons professional/trade books Q1 2012 (ending 7/31/11) Professional/trade books: $100 million (+0.4%) $11 million (+175%) 11%
Hachette Book Group (Lagardere) First half of 2011 Lagard?re Publishing worldwide (U.S., UK, Australia, France, Spain): ?900 million (-7.7%) Not broken out 20% (U.S.), 8% (UK); 5% of Lagardere Publishing revenues worldwide
Random House (Bertelsmann) First half of 2011 Random House worldwide: ?787 million (-0.5%) Not broken out, but “triple-digit percentage sales growth in e-books” Over 20% in the U.S.

*Change from same period last year

Sources:, publishers’ financial reports,

Compiled by Laura Hazard Owen, 11/4/2011

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