Barnes & Noble – Nook Tablet

Launched at an event in New York, the Nook Tablet pits Barnes & Noble more directly against Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s forthcoming Kindle Fire, set to go on sale next week. Priced at $249, the Nook Tablet is $50 more than the 7-inch Kindle Fire, but still half the cost of the 10-inch iPad.

The Nook Tablet, which closely resembles the Nook Color, will hit stores around November 17, just days after the Kindle Fire. Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch focused particularly on the head-to-head competition with the Amazon device during his presentation. For example, he noted that the Nook Tablet’s 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage is twice that of the Fire, as well as providing a superior display via its VividView technology.

The device will come pre-loaded with Netflix and Hulu Plus, highlighting Barnes & Noble’s confidence in the Nook Tablet’s ability to stream (at 720p) and store movies and TV shows. For its part, Amazon has stressed cloud storage for the Kindle Fire.


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