Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0

Just how many Galaxy Tabs are there out in the market at the moment? It is a question that certainly warrants an answer considering how Samsung loves to lump an entire family’s worth of devices under a single name. Well, we do know that it all started off with the original 7″ Galaxy Tab that while it was no iPad killer, it certainly did help Samsung figure out more on just what consumers wanted. Well, I guess with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that proved to be quite a winner in our books, their experience has brought them to the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus now.

What’s so special about the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus? For starters, it will feature a Peel Smart Remote App that is said to deliver a powerful “Discover, Tap and Watch” home entertainment experience. Basically, Peel is supposed to enable users to instantly find and watch their favorite TV shows – while having the ability to stumble upon new shows depending on your preferences that have been entered into the Tab 7.0 Plus via the touchscreen display.


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