Kobo Introduces “VOX” … Amazon Fire Competitor

In an effort to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, e-reading company Kobo is launching a tablet of its own: The $199.99 Kobo Vox, a 7-inch Android, WiFi color tablet that starts shipping October 28. How does it stack up to the Kindle Fire?

Kobo’s website appears to be promoting the Vox primarily as an e-reader, more similar to the Nook Color than to an iPad. By contrast, Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) is stressing the Kindle Fire’s tablet features—Web, video, music—above the e-reading experience. That said, the Vox has tablet-like functions: It has e-mail, a web browser, and music through Rdio, and offers access to an open Android app store. Like the Kindle Fire (and unlike the iPad), it is WiFi-only, no 3G


Full post: http://paidcontent.org/article/419-kobo-announces-kindle-fire-competitor-the-199.99-vox-tablet1/


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