Sony PSP2 arrives in 2011 with 3G and OLED touchscreen



The new Sony PSP2 will be introduced in 2011 and will have 3G and a Amoled display. The japanese newspaper Nikkei has announced this preliminary details about Sonys PSP2.
In Japan, the 3G service will be provided by NTT DoCoMo.
The PSP2 will have also WLAN, and the 3G support will allow players to connect online everywhere.

Separate from the wireless functionality, the paper reports that the new PSP will make use of an OLED touch screen. Sony will also use a new processor for the PSP2.

Nikkei also gives us some informations about the Playstation-Phone its a smartphone that includes major game features. The Playstation-Phone features Googles Android system and will allow users to access non-game software like video and scheduling software.

Sony is expected to take the veil off the new PSP system at a press conference on the 27th. The PlayStation cell phone device is expected to be unveiled next month.

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