Foldable OLED in 2012 ??

“In another year, you will see the screen can bend, folding mobile phones; another 3-4 years, paperthin TV screen will” stick “on the wall.” The father of OLED DengQingYun the day before yesterday, American academy of engineering in Shanghai university lecture, described the future electronic products of the beauty, and this should be attributed to a derived from his invention of the OLED technology.

OLED than thinner more clear, LCD and curly

A 63-year-old DengQingYun was born in Hong Kong, the United States is professor of the university of rochester, DengQingYun come this, Shanghai accept Shanghai university awarded “honorary doctoral degree, and doing the organic electronic glow of the past, present and future” speech.

People are using mobile phone more clear, it is in display technology development. DengQingYun took out his cell phone – the adopted technology of OLED screen color beautiful, clear, “black is black, white is white, and the screen white and black high-contrast, and colour sense of white and black are exactly the same.”

DengQingYun explained that OLED Chinese meaning for organic light-emitting diodes. This technique of birth and history many important scientific discovery, as the result of a “accidents” : the 1979 day evening, DengQingYun on my way home suddenly remind of something left in the laboratory, and had to turn turn-back. Return to the laboratory, he found the darkness has a light thing, open lamp, turned out to be a battery in doing the experiment of organic light-emitting. He unfolded of OLED 30-year persistence study.

DengQingYun in 1987 published first article organic film electroluminescent articles, and successfully developed the first batch of OLED devices. He is regarded as an inventor of OLED and OLED is also recognized as a new generation of flat panel display technology. DengQingYun introduced that OLED is a based on organic film illuminated screen technology, on the energy requirements are very low. LCD is now our most common LCD, device structure is relatively complex, by more than 10 levels of each level is responsible for expansion, a display of a certain properties, such as brightness, perspective, etc., and only three layer structure of OLED.

OLED with LCD incomparable advantages, such as ultra-thin, thickness only 1 millimeter; Ultra light, Wide Angle, The self-illumination don’t need background illuminant, when is energized, these organic materials will autologous light. Refresh rate is LCD 1,000 times, Hd, Low energy consumption, Manufacturing cost is low; Can realize flexible display, namely the screen can be curly.

Large scale application depends on the development of the manufacturing process

DengQingYun said, now is the small screen of mobile phones, digital cameras, has adopted OLED technology, big screen display application depends on the development of the manufacturing process. He broadcast a section, there are two video video phone with a hammer knock, a cellular phone screen instantly fall apart, and another phone intact, and the latter is OLED screen, more magical technology, this cellular phone screen is very thin, optional, can resemble roll bending of a sheet of paper, roll up. DengQingYun discloses, south Korean companies already in research and manufacture this phone, estimates that next year will come out.

OLED is after all new developed technology, still face many technical problems, including the main problem is short life. Currently popular mobile applications to display materials, the working life of the demand is not high, and television application was different. DengQingYun tells a reporter, OLED material life has greatly ascend, and was put into large screen applications.

For cost, DengQingYun thinks, with process maturity and the manufacturer of OLED line the increase of the input, and the manufacturing cost will drop quickly. But in the long run, because OLED screen no back light, no special polarization of the film, the device number far less LCD, lower the cost of great potential.

Chinese enterprises in OLED fields as South Korea and other countries layout speed of electronic giant, especially in large size screens fields. But in recent year, Shanghai has a flat technology as strategic industry. DengQingYun also remind, China OLED large-scale industrialization has yet to start, it depends on the government investment, need manufacturing, material and related industry together with many industrial chain.


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