Sony 13.3 Flexible e-Paper

Sony Corp exhibited a 13.3-inch flexible electronic paper (e-paper) device at Eco-Products 2010, a trade show on green technologies, which is taking place from Dec 9 to 11, 2010, in Tokyo.


This is the first time that the e-paper device has been disclosed to the public, the company said.

Sony declined to comment on the details of the e-paper device including its pixel count and backplane, saying it was exhibited just to show the concept of replacing paper. It is equipped with E Ink Corp’s e-paper using microcapsules.


In the past, Sony prototyped a 4.8-inch e-paper device with organic TFTs (thin-film transistors) that use the "PXX," an organic semiconductor material stable to oxygen, moisture and light. Its pixel count was 640 x 480. But the company did not reveal whether the new 13.3-inch e-paper device uses the same technology.



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