Update to Adobe’s Digital Publishing Tools

If you’re in the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program, you’ve probably noticed an update to the Digital Publishing Suite authoring tools this week.  The latest version – Drop 8 – includes additions of frequently requested features and product improvements.  Check out some of the main features below.

New Overlay Creator Panel. A new Overlay Creator panel for InDesign CS5 replaces the standalone Interactive Overlay Creator app.  This change means that you can now create all overlays directly within InDesign as part of a more streamlined workflow. After installing the Overlay Creator panel, you can access it through the Window > Extensions > Overlay Creator menu.

Content Viewer for Desktop. The first iteration of the Content Viewer for Desktop is now available for testing content.  Because it doesn’t yet support all the features of its cousin, the Content Viewer for iPad, you should use it only as a basic testing tool (although we’re working feverishly on this).  It is our first step in creating viewers for multiple devices besides the iPad (including for Android and BlackBerry OS in the future).

eCommerce Subscription Services. Publishers can now utilize subscription models that allows readers to subscribe to a magazine and receive regular updates of content.  This is part of our vision to allow publishers a broad range of selling options through the eCommerce Service of the Digital Publishing Suite – including through mobile marketplaces or directly to consumers.  In Drop 8, customers can also specify content that should remain downloaded on a tablet device – a feature especially useful for news magazines.

In addition, the update also includes support for a grid view in the Content Viewer library, support for 3G downloading of folio files on the iPad, and a renaming of the “.issue” file format to “.folio”, among other improvements.

If you’re not yet part of the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program, register for free access at www.adobe.com/beta and select “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.”  You can also download the Digital Publishing Feature Summary and History (PDF, 1.0 MB) for a complete look at the Drop 8 features – as well as the feature history of the product since the beginning.

Original Post: http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/2010/12/prerelease-update.html

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