Print Readership Off 16% as Device Use Climbs

The arrival of e-readers and tablets is having an effect on print readership among the most affluent segments, according to new research from Ipsos Mendelsohn’s Affluent Survey. Magazine readership among heads of households making $100,000 or more a year has dropped 16% in the last year, AdAge reports off of the Ipsos study.

There was a 16% reduction in the number of issues read annually, only 13.3, while the number of individual titles read was 5.9. Not only had Internet use climbed 13% for this segment but digital device use is rising. Even though the survey ended in June, only two months after the iPad’s launch, the survey projects that over a million affluent households already owned a tablet and 2 million had e-readers.

The survey also found that younger readers (18-34) were more receptive to magazine advertising than older readers and considerably more receptive to Web advertising.

Original post: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, Steve Smith,


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